Static Half Lap Tray

Static Half Lap Tray




Static Half Lap Trays are just like our other Half-Lap tray except they do NOT go up and down: they are static. These are excellent for flaccid arms. They offer some lateral and forward motion support. Our Lap Trays are covered with an incontinent proof, antibacterial, anti-fungal, self-deodorizing, and stain-resistant material.

You must select which ARM SIDE this device will be installed on. Because of the way the hardwarwe is attached the device is NOT AMBIDEXTROUS.

Hardware to mount the device to a standard wheelchair armrest is included

Part Numbers

Part Number Side Arm Rest Surface Area
1504-L LEFT 1505LEFT16.5" Wide x 11" Deep
1504-R RIGHT 1505 Right16.5" Wide x 11" Deep

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