Solid Insert Coccyx Cutout Wedge

Solid Insert Coccyx Cutout Wedge

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The Solid Insert Coccyx Cutout is designed for those residents with existing difficulties at the coccyx area, such as decubitus ulcers. As the name implies, the coccyx portion of the cushion is “cut out.” The idea is to eliminate any pressure exerted on the wound and to redistribute the pressure surrounding the wound, promoting faster healing. The entire cushion or wedge is layered with Visco elastic polyurethane to redistribute pressure over the entire surface area; but, in particular, the Visco foam moulds to the shape of the body surrounding the cutout.

Considerations when utilizing a Solid-Insert Cushion or Wedge:

  1. The Solid-Insert in these cushions eliminate the hammocking effect of a sling-bottom wheelchair by elevating the individual above the upholstery tubing.
  2. All of JDM’s Solid Inserts must have a minimum of three inches of our High Resiliency (HR) Polyurethane as a cushioning damper between the insert and the patient, or the cushions/wedge may have a combination of at least two inches of HR along with an additional inch of Gel-Infused Visco Elastic (G.I.V.E.) for pressure redistribution. In other words, all standard solid inserts must be a minimum of three-inches thick. Please note: due to G.I.V.E.’s compression capabilities, the additional one inch added to the cushion or wedges’s height is minimized. Example: 3” x 18” 16” with Visco (031816-AS-V) will sit like a 2” thick cushion with a solid insert.
  3. All of JDM’s Solid-Insert Cushions have Velcro strapping to attach under the vinyl seat to prevent the cushion from twisting and sliding.
  4. All of JDM’s Solid-Insert Cushions have a rubberized anti-skid bottom to further prevent the cushion from sliding, as well as to prevent the wheelchair’s upholstery tubing from rubbing into the fabric.
  5. By utilizing JDM’s feature code system, the cushion or wedge may be modified to accommodate many of the problems found in long-term care.