Solid Back Foot and Calf Support

Solid Back Foot and Calf Support




JDM Medical's Solid-Back Foot and Calf Supports protect the wheelchair-seated individual from skin tears and also inhibits knee flexion. JDM’s 4016 Solid-Back Foot and Calf Supports is built as one solid piece allowing the entire device to be easily removed during transfers.

The Solid-Back Foot and Calf Supports, as their names suggest, have solid inserts which are covered with foam for comfort. These devices attach with webbing straps and buckles to the wheelchair leg posts and with hook and loop straps under the foot rests.

The measurements for this device are:
20" total width x 12" total depth x 12" total height
It is importanat to remember that foam and insert account for space; the USABLE space on which the foot can rest is 10.5" and the height is 10.5" (All of this is customizable by special order)

JDM Medical's Solid Back Foot and Calf Pad uses the highest quality materials. This device is designed for the Long Term Care (LTC) industry, and it has excellent longevity. The device is covered in a healthcare grade fabric with the following properties:
  • incontinent proof
  • flame-resistant
  • antibacterial
  • anti-fungal
  • self-deodorizing
  • stain-resistant
  • cleanable with mild detergent or soap and water

Part Numbers

Part Number Total
4016 20" 12" 12" 1"

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