Slip-On Wheelchair Arm/Lateral Body Support

Slip-On Wheelchair Arm/Lateral Body Support




The Wheelchair Arm/Lateral Body Support covers the entire arm rest. It provides some lateral support as well as a padded surface on which the patient may rest his or her arm.

All Slip-On Bolsters are designed to help prevent skin tears and breakdowns caused by contact with metal. In addition, they provide some later support.

These bolsters are covered with a fluid-proof material to prevent any body fluid contamination. The polyurethane used is a high resiliency type which is expected to maintain its properties for 8 to 10 years under everyday usage.

When rigid supports are needed, JDM recommends Static Arm Troughs or Articulating Arm Troughs. (These are items 210, 211 and 212)

  • Can be ordered as a SET of Left & Right or individually
  • Attaches by sliding over wheelchair arm rest.

Optional Variation: Elevated

There is an optional "Elevated" version: the 208-L-E and 208-R-E. Contact to order these or to customize the device in any way.

Part Numbers

Part Number Side
208-L LEFT

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