Slip-On Arm Bolsters for Geri Chair

Slip-On Arm Bolsters for Geri Chair




Slip-On Arm Bolsters are designed to cover Geri Chair arms in order to help protect the skin integrity of the resident. The Slip-On Bolsters cushion and help prevent bruises and skin breakdown common to the upper extremities.

If Arm Rests are wider than 2 inches, please contact JDM to make a custom order.

The 220-GCA is 20" Long x 4" Wide x 3" High. The cutout area which accomodates the armrest is 1" deep and 2" wide. This leaves 2" of HR padding for the top area where the arm rests.

Part Numbers

Part Number Length Width Height
220-GCA 20" 4" 3"

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