Side-Lying Triangle Bed Wedge

Side-Lying Triangle Bed Wedge




JDM's Side-Lying Wedge may be utilized for side lying and tube feeding. These wedges are excellent devices to keep residents in bed who have a falling problem. These wedges may also be utilized for message therapy as they have excellent longevity and can be easily wiped clean with alcohol wipes or mild detergent and water.

There are two standard sizes for the Side-Lying Wedges. The size difference is determined by the LENGTH of the wedges.

  • The 1031-24 is 8" Wide x 8" Tall x 24" Long
  • The 1031-28 is 8" Wide x 8" Tall x 28" Long

Other sizes and options are possible through special order: call or email us for a quote on custom devices.

If you need two wedges, you may want to consider the Double Side-Lying Bed Wedge, which have two wedges attached by hook and loop Velcro to a centerpad that attaches by straps to a bed.

Part Numbers

Part Number Width Height Length
1031-24 8" 8" 24"
1031-28 8" 8" 28"

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