Reclining Back Wheelchair System

Reclining Back Wheelchair System

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The Reclining Back Wheelchair System takes a Reclining Back Wheelchair and converts it into one of the most comfortable seating/positioning systems around. This is an excellent replacement for Geri chairs. It supports laterally, cushions and protects. The foot boxes swing away for easier patient transfer. Also the patient may hand propel if capable. 

The Reclining Back System  is equipped with the following devices: 
  • 3” x 18” x 33” Pressure Redistributing 
  • 4”-2” x 18” x 16” Ischial Step Wedge 
  • Winged Head Support 
  • Pair of Huggie Lateral Supports 
  • Pair of 4” x 12” Arm Bolsters 
  • Flexible Calf Support 
  • Foot Boxes for Left & Right Feet 
The kit may be ordered as a whole, or by individual pieces if desired.