Resident Specific Knee Flexion Inhibitor

Resident Specific Knee Flexion Inhibitor

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The Resident-Specific Knee Flexion Inhibitor (Item# 1320) is a one-piece device which abducts, while also inhibiting further knee flexion.

This device is always made-to-order and JDM will need the following information:

Measurement Instructions

All measurements are to be taken in inches with the patient lying in the supine position. It's best if measurements are taken with a yard stick.

  • A. Measure from behind the knee (Popliteal) straight down to the surface of the mattress.
  • B. Measure from behind the knee (Popliteal) to the heel. Do not measure the curve of the patients calf.
  • C. Place the ruler flat on the mattress surface and measure from the heel to where the thigh or buttocks first meets the bed
  • Abduction = ________ The amount of separation needed at the knees (The standards are 2 inches and 3 inches. 4 inches may be ordered as well. Please see price list below.)

Please Indicate Measurements before ordering:
  • A. ______”
  • B. ______”
  • C. ______”
Abduction =
NOTE: Since the device is ONE PIECE The degrees of flexion WILL be the same bilaterally.

To accomodate seperate measurements and variations we also offer The JDM Contrac-Tree (Item# 1300) which is similar but consists of 3 seperate pieces that velcro together - each piece requires measurements

Part Numbers

Part Number Description
1320 Resident-Specific Knee Flexion Inhibitor

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