Contrac Tree

Contrac Tree

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A Contrac-Tree consists of three separate pieces attached by Hook & Loop fastener and nylon felt. The ContracTree is extremely helpful at inhibiting lower extremity contractures, particularly if each lower extremity has more than plus or minus 5 degrees difference. Examples of appropriate situations for a Contrac-Tree are: 

  1. The left lower extremity will range to almost full extension, but has heel decub and is adducting hard towards the right lower extremity. 
  2. The right lower extremity has a range of 90 degrees flexion and you want to prevent furthercontracture. 
  3. The resident can comfortably be abducted the desired inches (2, 3 or 4 Inches) between knees.

Measurement Instructions

All measurements are to be taken in inches with the patient lying in the supine position. It's best if measurements are taken with a yard stick.

  • A. Measure from behind the knee (Popliteal) straight down to the surface of the mattress.
  • B. Measure from behind the knee (Popliteal) to the heel. Do not measure the curve of the patients calf.
  • C. Place the ruler flat on the mattress surface and measure from the heel to where the thigh or buttocks first meets the bed
  • Abduction = ________ The amount of separation needed at the knees (The standards are 2 inches and 3 inches. 4 inches may be ordered as well. Please see price list below.)
Note: Measurement “D” below applies only if contracture is less than 90º flexion (i.e., more than 90 degrees extending). And If you are floating the patients heel with the "D" measurement then measurement "B" & "C" would be to the ankle (achilles) not the heel.

  • D.While holding the heel off the bed in the position needed to float the heel, measure the distance between the heel and bed. This would be the thickness of foam needed to "float" the wound.
Please Indicate Measurements for each extremity before ordering:
Left Lower Extremity
  • A. ______”
  • B. ______”
  • C. ______”
  • *D. ______”
Right Lower Extremity
  • A. ______”
  • B. ______”
  • C. ______”
  • *D. ______”
Abduction =
*(See note for D in the measuring instructions above.)

We also offer a simalr device that is a bit simpler and comes as one piece if your measurements will be the same bi-laterally and you do not need the device to come apart look for the item# 1320

Part Numbers

Part Number Abductor Thickness
1300-2 2" Abductor
1300-3 3" Abductor
1300-4 4" Abductor

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