Long-Term Care


Since 1989, JDM Medical has benefited from the input of hundreds of health care professionals in the LTC industry. With this accumulated knowledge JDM developed the concept of Resident Specific Positioning. This approach puts forth the belief that each patient’s body type, environment, abilities and disabilities are unique; therefore, each piece of adaptive positioning equipment should be just as unique. It is this concept that has allowed JDM to be the dominant provider for the therapy side of the LTC industry.

In addition to focusing on the therapy patients’ needs with Resident Specific devices JDM has addressed the continuum-of-care positioning products needed throughout the facility as well. JDM’s LTC products are designed to address falls issues, incontinence, skin/wound care prevention, contracture inhibitors, staff & patient safety, and staff training (on positioning), all with the patients’ needs first while delivering at the "best bang for the buck" to the facility.

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