Hip Bolsters

Hip Bolsters




Hip Bolsters are designed to help support the torso. They attach to the wheelchair with straps on the back. The standard size is 15" tall and 16" deep although by special order we can make them for any seating depth and or height.

Because of the way the straps are attached and the shape of the device you must select whether the Hip Bolster is for the (R) right or (L) left side of the wheelchair. If you order a pair you will receive one left and one right.

The torso portion of the Hip Bolster should be approximately two inches shorter than the distance from the wheelchair seat to the axilla. This positioning prevents undue pressure being placed under the axilla. The device also extends front to back in the wheelchair to prevent the leg from “sweeping.”

Hip Bolsters are covered with a medical grade fabric, which is an incontinent proof, antibacterial, anti-fungal, self-deodorizing, and stain-resistant material. They are manufactured with a wood insert that is 1/2-inch thick and the foam is normally two to three inches thick. The depth is determined by the size that is needed to support the entire upper leg while the patient is seated.

NOTE: Please be sure to measure the seating area and take into account the space these bolsters will take up so that whoever uses them can still be seated in the remaining space comfortably.

Part Numbers

Part NumberSide ThicknessDepth in SeatHeight
521516-L Left 2"16"15"
521516-R Right 2"16"15"
531516-L Left 3"16"15"
531516-R Right 3"16"15"

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