Head Support for Extended Back

Head Support for Extended Back




The Head Support For Extended Back can be attached with hook and loop fastener material to JDM’s Extended Back Support, which has a soft nylon felt on the head portion of the device. It can inhibit lateral leaning of the head and is easily customized.

You must select whether the heat support you order will come with hook fastener material on the back to attach to an existing JDM back device or if you will need the device to have straps (The default product image is shown with straps)

Measurement Instructions:
For special dimensions, refer to the "Standard Dimensions" diagram and fill in the following dimensions:
  • A. Total device thickness from front to back
  • B. Thickness of foam at back of head
  • C. Width of cutout area for head

Part Numbers

Part Number Thickness From
Front to Back
Width of Cutout
Area For Head
Thickness of Foam
Behind Head
304 5.5" 7.5" 1.5"
Standard Dimensions Diagram

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