HAV-A-Back with Lateral Supports

HAV-A-Back with Lateral Supports




The HAV-A-Back with Lateral Supports (Horizontal And Vertical Adjustable Back) has moldable aluminum “stays” which allow the Back to be shaped to fit the resident. This device is made with HR (High Resiliency) polyurethane foam and with Visco, a pressure-redistributing polyurethane. This combination enhances the back’s envelopment and immersion capabilities, thereby providing excellent pressure redistribution. The HAV-A-Back will recline up to 30 degrees and is very easily adjusted for height accommodations.

This device has permanently attached, padded lateral supports on both sides which have moldable metal stays to provide lateral support. Because the “stays” are a part of the back, no additional hardware is required. As the resident applies pressure to the back, the lateral supports actually hug and support the torso.

  • This back support REPLACES the existing wheelchair back sling.
  • There are 3 bendable metal bars on the back of the device which allow it to be shaped to fit the patient
  • There are two lateral supports built into the device which are both backed by bendable metal bars for readjustment
  • There are 4 standard size options for the HAV-A-Back with Lateral Supports to fit 16", 18", 20" or 22" wide wheelchairs.
  • There is 1 standard height variation for tall patients called the 3018-LAT-TALL. It is 31" Tall with the top 10" being shaped like a built-in headreast. It is only available to fit 18" Wide Wheelchairs as a standard size (contact us for special orders)

Part Numbers

Part Number
Standard Sizes
DimensionsW/C Width
3016-LAT 14”W x 21”H for 16” Wheelchair
3018-LAT 16”W x 21”H for 18” Wheelchair
3020-LAT 18”W x 21”H for 20” Wheelchair
3022-LAT 20”W x 21”H for 22” Wheelchair
Height Variation
3018-LAT-TALL 16”W x 31”H for 18” Wheelchair

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