Half Cylinder Lumbar Roll

Half Cylinder Lumbar Roll




The Half Cylinder Lumbar Roll is small bolster intended as an accessory for JDM products with existing loop fastener already in place. This Lumbar Roll is a half-cylinder designed to inhibit poor posture and is effective in maintaining proper lumbar lordosis. The device has hook fastener on the back to fits flat against a back support.

  • Sold individually as an accessory
  • Has hook fastener on the back.
  • May include a sheet of self adhesive loop fastener (4" wide X 15" long).

Half Cylinder Lumbar Rolls may be added to some of JDM’s rigid back supports, including the Bariatric Back, the Extended Back, and the Reclining Back. They also may be ordered for any Cozie Back with receiving loop fastener.

When ordering a Half Cylinder Lumbar Roll, it is important to know if your product already has hook OR loop receiving fastener. If you are not sure, please call us for assistance. We can include self adhesive hook or loop fastener for your existing JDM product at no extra charge so long as you indicate that additional fastener is required.

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