Geri Chair System

Geri Chair System




For those residents with lateral motion problems, minor leg contractures, sliding problems, etc., JDM recommends the Geri Chair System. The System aligns the resident in the center of the chair, supports the head, prevents climbing out over the sides, keeps the hips to the rear, and extends slightly contracted legs.

There are 5 items in the STANDARD Geri Chair system - You must CONFIRM each of the 5 selections using the drop down boxes before adding this system to your cart All of these items can be purchased individually if you do not need a full system

  1. (800 OR 801) Torso Support with Lumbar Roll
  2. (804 OR 808) Torso Head Support or Cervical Pillow
  3. (803 OR 220-GCA) Lateral Supports or Arm Bolsters
  4. (1321820-AS-I-T) Seat Cushion 3-2" 18 Wide x 20 Deep, AS, I, T (Ischial Geri Wedge) W/L: 250 lbs
  5. (812 OR 812-SM OR 840) Abducted Knee Lift OR Geri Foot Box

You may choose the appropriate Torso Support, Head Support, Lateral Support, and Wedge from our stock items, or you can order any of the above devices to be resident specific, with the exception of the Abducted Knee Lift. For Resident-Specific Geri Chair Systems, there will be an additional charge.

If you require a different size or type of Geri wedge other than the one listed above (or if you require any of the other devices listed above to be resident specific please inform JDM of your specific request(s).

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