Geri Chair Lateral Supports

Geri Chair Lateral Supports




JDM's Geri Chair Lateral Supports have a solid insert behind two inches of high resiliency foam to prevent those residents who have severe lateral leaning problems from falling or climbing out of the Geri Chair.
  • Designed specifically for the GERI-CHAIRS (Search "Lateral Support" for different styles)
  • Standard measurements are 15.5" tall x 15" deep x 2" thick
  • Sold as a set
  • Secures to geri chair without straps by means of the solid insert, which extends below the padded area as shown below and slides between the seating area and armrest

  • Can be made longer thicker and/or taller by taking measurements as shown in the customization tab and calling JDM Customer Service

Part Numbers

Part Number Height Depth Thicknesst
803 15.5" 15" 2"

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