Leg Trough

Leg Trough




JDM Medical's Leg Trough is an excellent product for patients who need support for the calf but need to float the heel. The Leg Trough is covered with a medical grade material. The device may be manufactured to be resident specific by calling JDM Medical.

  • You will NEED to have a calf pad or its plate to secure the 421 in place.
  • Can be ordered as a SET of Left & Right or individually
  • Attaches to wheelchair leg posts, yet may be “flipped” out of the way for patient transfer.

NOTE: As shown below the 421 is often used in conjunction with the 400 Foot Rest Covers
but the Leg Trough does NOT include a set of foot rest covers.

With the foot rest down

Or with the foot rest up

Part Numbers

Part Number Leg Side
421-L&R Both
421-L Left
421-R Right

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