Flexible Pelvic Obliquity Cushion

Flexible Pelvic Obliquity Cushion

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The Pelvic-Obliquity Cushion is used for a flexible obliquity and is designed to build up the low side of the pelvis.

To address the pressures associated with positioning correction, JDM’s Pelvic Obliquity Cushions are layered with 1 inch of Visco elastic to assist in pressure redistribution.

To measure for correction of a flexible pelvic obliquity, call JDM Medical's customer service at 1-800-994-4043.

If the patient has a fixed obliquity (often caused by muscle or joint contractures), it is best to select a cushion that builds up the high side of the pelvis. This will allow for a more stable base of support. JDM recommends you use an Fixed Pelvic Obliquity Cushion.