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Measuring Instructions for Custom Cushions

The three most basic cushion measurements are thikness, width & depth.

If the cushion you want to order is a wedge then the A measurement will be two numbers - a thickness at the front and a thickness at the back.

JDM uses a code system to specify our products

but it isn't necesary to place an order. The basic premise is that If the first number of a cushion code is a 1, then the product is a WEDGE CUSHION, and the next 2 numbers are the thickness at the front and then back. If the first number of a cushion code is 0, then it's a CUSHION (without a wedge shape/incline), and the next number is the total cushion thickness.
Once you've determined whether the cushion is a wedge or not and have the thickness the next two numbers are the Width, then the following two are the Depth. After that are features separated by dashes.

The following are examples of how JDM codes its products:

Example 1: Item # 031816-AH-AS-V
Profile Thickness Width x Depth Feature Code(s)
not a wedge
3" Thick
18" Wide x 16" Deep

In this example your patient needs a flat cushion that is 3-inches thick. The wheelchair measures 18” wide by 16” deep. You would like the cushion to be Anti-Hammocking with a layer of Visco on top, and an Anti-Skid Bottom. The order of JDM’s coding system is as follows:

Example 2: Item # 1432018-AS-DC-NSFB-V
Profile Thickness Width x Depth Feature Code(s)
4" Front to 3" Back
20" Wide x 18" Deep

In this example your patient needs a wedge cushion for a scooter. The scooter seat measures 20” wide by 18” deep. The patient is also prone to incontinence. The measurements indicate the thickness at the front should be 4" sloping down to 3" at the back and there needs to be a layer of Visco over the entire cushion for extra comfort and pressure relief. Since the scooter does not have a sling you would not want an Anti-Hammocking base so we would go with the NSFB code which simply stands for "No Solid, Flat Bottom". Since incontencne is an issue we would want a Double Cover (DC) which provides a second cover made from a special fabric and finished with waterproof zippers. Anti-Skid ((CODE)AS(/CODE)) is a common feature to most of our cushions; it is a non-slip material which covers the bottom and attempts to ensures the cushion stays in place even when placed on smoother surfaces such as vinyl wheelchair slings.

Stock items may be returned for credit within the first 30 days following the invoice date. Custom and Specially-Designed devices which have been manufactured in accordance with your requests are not restockable and may not be returned for credit.
You may return custom devices for modification. Each modification is unique, so please call for a modification fee (normally 25% of initial cost).

If there is a need to return a restockable device, please call JDM within 30 days of the purchase date. You will be assigned a Return Authorization (R.A.) Number and will receive instructions for returning the merchandise.
Returns without the R.A. number are not accepted and will automatically be returned at freight costs to you. Returns are subject to a 20 percent restocking fee.
We are unable to accept the return of any device that has been marked upon or damaged by the customer.
Credit Memos are issued when the devices are returned to and received by JDM.