Extended Back Support

Extended Back Support




The Extended Back Support is manufactured so that the resident may be reclined slightly, or not. The standard height is 33 inches, but it can be made taller in order to be more resident specific. As with all of JDM’s Back Supports, you may add lateral wedges, lumbar rolls, various head supports and occipital supports as needed.
Some common reasons for ordering an Extended Back Support are:
  • The resident has head or neck flexion problems. Slightly reclining him or her brings the head back.
  • The resident‘s height dictates the need for more support along the spinal and torso areas.
  • The resident has a “restraining belt” which might not be necessary if he or she were slightly reclined.
All Extended Back Supports have a minimum of one inch of HR foam and one inch of soft Visco foam. This is necessary due to the increased weight bearing along the spine when the resident is in a reclined position.

Product ID: 302-E-V