Drop Seat

Drop Seat

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Drop Seats are used to lower the height of the resident’s seat so that the health care professional can properly seat the resident without elevating the feet beyond his or her functional capability. This often allows the resident to continue to be mobile. Because JDM’s Drop Seats are adjustable at all four corners, you may tilt the resident, if so needed. This sometimes inhibits the hips from sliding forward. This device is especially useful in conjunction with a Kyphotic-Back Device for those residents with a “C-shaping” forward.

JDM manufactures the Drop Seat utilizing a composite material which is strong enough to support the patient, but doesn’t add a lot of weight to the wheelchair. The hooks are made with a high-grade aluminum to prevent rusting and other decomposition. The Drop Seat can be modified to accommodate many different wheelchair sizes. Flip-Down Abductors are available as an accessory.

JDM Drop Seats are designed to be used with JDM DROPSEAT CUSHIONS only. For this reason, and because the dropseat is a very situational item not designed for use by the general public, we do not allow orders online for this item.

Part Numbers

All of the Drop Seats in the Bariatric sizes are fully reinforced with thick metal support bars. This list is for common wheelchair sizes but we can accomodate special orders.

Part Number Width DepthAdditional
716 16" 16" none
716-F 16" 16" Attached Flipdown
718 18" 16" none
718-F 18" 16" Attached Flipdown
720 20" 16" none
720-F 20" 16" Attached Flipdown
72218 22" 18" Reinforced
72218-F 22" 18" Reinforced+
Attached Flipdown
72418 24" 18" Reinforced
72418-F 24" 18" Reinforced+
Attached Flipdown
72618 26" 18" Reinforced
72618-F 26" 18" Reinforced+
Attached Flipdown
72820 28" 20" Reinforced
72820-F 28" 20" Reinforced+
Attached Flipdown
73020 30" 20" Reinforced
73020-F 30" 20" Reinforced+
Attached Flipdown

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