Double Side-Lying Bed Wedge

Double Side-Lying Bed Wedge




JDM's Double Side-Lying Wedges is a SET of TWO wedges attached to a 36" wide rectangular centerpad with hook and loop closure (so that the centerpad can remain in bed with one or both wedges detached). The entire device can be placed on a bed and secured with straps which run accross the bottom of the bed.

In addition to being utilized for side lying and tube feeding, these wedges are excellent devices to keep residents in bed who have a falling problem. Double Side-Lying Wedges are covered with an incontinent proof, antibacterial, anti-fungal, self-deodorizing, and stainresistant material

There are two "standard" sizes for the Double Side-Lying Wedges. The difference between the sizes is the LENGTH of the wedges.

  • The 1031-24-24 centerpad is 36" Wide x 24" Long
    And each of the two detachable wedges is 12" Wide x 12" Tall x 24" Long
  • The 1031-28-28 centerpad is 36" Wide x 28" Long
    And each of the two detachable wedges is 12" Wide x 12" Tall x 28" Long

Given the width of the wedges, the area in the center of the device where the resident would lie is 12" wide. The distance between the wedges, however, is slightly adjustable because the wedges attach with hook and loop and can be repositioned.

Other sizes and options are possible through special order: call or email us for a quote on custom devices.

Part Numbers

Part Number Each Wedge
Total Device
1031-24-24 12"x12" 36" Wide x 24" Long
1031-28-28 12"x12" 36" Wide x 28" Long

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