Coccyx Cutout Cushion

Coccyx Cutout Cushion

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The Coccyx Cutout Option for a cushion or wedge is designed for those residents with exist-ing difficulties at the coccyx area, such as decubitus ulcers. As the name implies, the coccyx portion of the cushion is “cut out.” The entire cushion or wedge is layered with Visco to redistribute pres-sure over the total surface area; but, in particular, the Visco foam molds to the shape of the body surrounding the cutout. The idea is to eliminate any pressure exerted on the wound and to redistrib-ute the pressure surrounding the wound, promoting faster healing. The low-profile, anti-hammocking bottom allows most residents to continue to self-propel. These cushions come with Anti-Skid bottoms and Velcro straps to prevent them from sliding in the wheelchair. For customized Cutouts, please refer to the adjacent diagram. Fill in measurements and draw desired cutouts at the appropriate area.


Measurement Instructions for Customized Cutouts:

    Copy and draw desired “Cut-Out in appropriate area on diagram below. Fill in the blanks below and fax to JDM. Please call if assistance is needed.
    • A. __________” thickness at “front edge” of cushion
    • B. __________” thickness at “back edge” of cushion (minimum of “B” is 3 inches)
    • C. __________” width of cushion
    • D. __________” depth of cushion