Bed Rail Bolster

Bed Rail Bolster




Many residents are subjected to bruising while in the bed by hitting the all-metal side railing found on most hospital beds. The Bed Rail Bolster fits over each individual rail and protects the resident. The fabric is easy to clean and soft to the resident’s skin. Because each rail is independently wrapped, air can pass through to the bed area and the resident may see beyond the bed sides.

This item is sold as INDIVIDUAL units so that you can order to mix and match however many are needed based on the number of exposed bed railings. There are two standard sizes but we can easily accomodate custom orders of different lengths or thickness.

  • Sold individually.
  • The standard Length options are either 60" long or 30" Long.
  • The standard bolsters are 4" Diamater and hollow in the middle so that they can be sliped over the bed rail tubing and secured in place with hook and loop fastener.

Part Numbers

Part Number LengthBolster Diameter
2430-BRB 30" 4"
2460-BRB 60" 4"

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