Bariatric Ischial Coccyx Scoop

Bariatric Ischial Coccyx Scoop

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The Bariatric Ischial Coccyx Scoop is designed for the larger patients. These wedges have a minimum of one inch of Visco to redistribute the increased pressures.

Bariatric Cushions are available in the same types of cushions and wedges normally manufactured by JDM Medical.

All JDM's Ischial Coccyx Scoop cushions come with an anti-skid bottom, a coccyx scoop, a contoured two-leg channeled medial thigh separator and a one-inch layer of Visco. The contoured leg channels added to the wedge shape provide a slight abduction and improved alignment of the lower extremities. The coccyx scoop and Visco layering help redistribute pressure on the Coccyx, the I.T.’s and the entire seating area.
All JDM Ischial Step cushions are designed to inhibit sliding by utilizing the individual's natural curvature. The Ischial Step utilizes this natural curvature to give an anchored support to the posterior tilt. All Ischial Coccyx Scoop cushions are layered with Visco elastic polyurethane to redistribute pressure at key pressure points.

These cushions are an excellent preventative device for those residents with slight lower extremity adduction problems, and with recently healed decubs.

All of JDM Medical's Anti-Hammocking Cushions use the highest quality materials to provide comfort without reducing mobility.

Many other wedges and cushions have flat bottoms, thereby elevating the sitter so their feet no longer touch the ground. This extra elevation often eliminates an individual's ability to foot propel. JDM Medical's Anti-Hammocking Cushion has a convex bottom that eliminates the sling effect of vinyl-bottomed wheelchairs. This design allows the sitter to sit more comfortably without giving up mobility. This is most useful for individuals who are able to maneuver their wheelchair by foot movement.

All Anti-Hammocking cushions have the following properties:
  • Contains High Resiliency (HR) which is the highest grade of polyurethane foam
  • All materials meet the U.S.A.'s highest flame retardant standard for furniture (CA TB 117)
  • Cover is antibacterial, antistatic, and fluid-proof
  • Anti-Skid bottom, Velcro strap, and Nylon strap all help keep the cushion from sliding
This cushion is designed for the long term care (LTC) industry, and it has excellent longevity.