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JDM Medical is a US Manufacturer of products that pad, position and protect those who must remain in the wheelchair or bed for extended periods. We make wheelchair cushions and full padded seat boxes, back supports, bolsters to position and protect, mattress covers and accessories, patient fall safety aids such as gait belts and foam mats and more. All of our products are made in the U.S.A.

Jack Sr.

President & CEO

"I started JDM Medical in the garage of my home in 1989; a simple operation with one mission: I wanted to improve the lives of those individuals whose needs for durable medical positioning equipment were not being met by the large device manufacturers. At that time, 28 years ago, devices were mass-produced for the sake of cost reduction and efficiency—the Henry Ford concept. These products were “universal” in their design as well as their functions. However, people are created differently and with unique medical needs. Standard devices did not work. It is often stated that, “necessity is the mother of invention,” and it was this original concept of meeting an individual’s unique needs through ‘resident specific positioning’ to make them more comfortable that led to the birth of a new industry and the creation of this company.

A lot has changed in the past 28 years, but it has never been more exciting to be a part of JDM Medical. Necessity has called repeatedly. Each time JDM has answered the call. We have expanded our staff, ownership, and facilities over the years. We have incorporated new and better healthcare materials in our products. We have developed new product lines for the Hospice, Home Health, and DME industries along with the Long-Term Care industry.

We have grown enough that we can now continue to make unique custom devices for those who need them while at the same time producing a full line of universal products for everyone. We can fill a single custom order for an individual in need of a unique device, fill the needs of an entire facility, manufacture and sell thousands for international distributors.

There have been many changes in the medical industry over the years, but the goal of JDM Medical has remained the same as it was the first day in my garage. It is my personal desire, as well as that of my employees, to improve the lives of those individuals we have been called to help.

Yes, “our mission is to position.”

One final comment: I truly and humbly thank each of you who have so willingly passed on your knowledge, your passion, and your generosity to JDM over the years. Without you, we would not exist. I hope that no matter what tomorrow brings, we never forget that."

Thank you.


Jack McDonald Sr.

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JDM Medical is a US manufacturer and Certified Veteran Owned Small Business with decades of experience specializing in positioning equipment for the long term care industry; including wheelchair cushions, back supports, bolsters to position and protect, fall mats, bed mattresses and accessories, patient fall safety aids and more.

JDM is capable of producing large numbers of the highest quality devices such as hospital quality wheelchair cushions with specialty fabrics and features to provide high quality seating for all wheelchairs in a facility, accommodating orders from single units to one hundred or more at a time. In addition JDM has built a reputation and specialty of working with therapists to find custom solutions to difficult needs in the realm of padding, protection and positioning of long term care residents.

JDM has built a strong reputation of working with therapists and other healthcare professionals to develop custom solutions for the difficult needs of wheelchair and bed-bound patients in both institutional and home settings.

At JDM Medical, we can cut straight lines, circles, angles, zigzags—whatever is needed to fabricate a positioning device. However, there is one thing we will not cut. JDM will not cut corners on quality.

You can read more about CertiPUR-US certified foam here.

We only use the highest quality materials to construct products that are made to last, and 98% of the products we sell are fabricated, sewn, and distributed from our facility in Pace, Florida. Like any other company, we exist to be profitable. We achieve this goal by delivering exceptional quality to the end user of our products.

Our polyurethanes are High-Resiliency and Gel Infused Visco Elastic (G.I.V.E.). Our fabric meets or exceeds healthcare grades. We inspect every item we manufacture twice to ensure our devices meet the highest quality standards, and every employee is personally accountable for the items or components they approve or create. This attention to detail extends into every other facet of our business. From procurement to customer service, from manufacturing to our ordering process, JDM Medical is committed to Quality.